Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Mummy I can't move!!!!

I had to laugh today at my daughter, Robbyn. We've had Jinx now for just over a year and Robbyn has only just started to get brave enough to stroke her. Not that she is a bad or grouchy cat, she's so soft and loving. Anyway usually Jinx will settle down on mine or my husband's lap but this afternoon she decided to sit on Robbyn. To start with Robbyn was like "oo mummy look Jinx loves me now"! After 5 minutes she told me her legs were "tingling". I asked her "why don't you move"? She replied "Mummy I can't move because Jinx won't love me anymore". I quickly took this photo, she'd sat frozen for over 5 minutes!!


Lauren said...

Oh my - I love this photo. It's adorable! Purrfect for a scrapbook page.

Carol said...

Poor ol' Robbyn, Jinx looks nearly as big as her! what a great piccie.