Thursday, 6 March 2008

Pirate Ty

Today at the younger kids school they have a dress up day of "characters from a story book". Unfortunately Robbyn was ill all last night and had too much of a high temperature to go to school so she is missing out. She was so upset as we'd bought her a new ballerina outfit and shoes. But if she feels better later I will dress her up at home and take a pic.
So here are some pics of my son in his pirate costume. Not looking too happy as both mum and dad had him posing for pics and I think he got a bit fed up after a while!
Do you like his beard and scar? Mmm dad thought it was a good idea to use my eyeliner and mascara.
Needless to say I'll have a struggle on my hands later when I'm trying to get it off!!


Deb said...

very cute!

ink'n'rubba said...

very fierce! wouldn't want to meet him on the high seas!

Andrea, said...

Fab pirate, I hope you've manged to get all the make up off