Monday, 12 May 2008

Happy Birthday Elliott

Today is my son's 15th birthday. I can still remember the 8lb 6oz bundle!!!!

Happy Birthday Elliott!!! :0)

He had a bit of an accident yesterday as well. He was jumping over a wall and got his foot caught and ended up with a deep gouge in his leg, so he had the added bonus of not going to school today. He hobbled around instead and played his new PS3 game. Great birthday according to him!!


leann said...

Happy Birthday Elliott!
Hope you had a great birthday too Shary ~ there is a card somewhere between here & there, making its way to you! I'm gutted it didn't arrive in time ~ sorry hun!
x x x

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Elliott and hope you had a great birthday too Shary! Same story as Leann I'm afraid....thought I'd posted your card in plenty of time but obviously not!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Elliot! How great to have a day off on your birthday, but sorry about the leg injury.

Frances said...

Hope both you and Elliott had a fab birthday. Ditto re. your birthday card, can't believe it's not there yet (I gave it same time as the last lot of ATCs I sent but it seems to have taken twice as long this time, sorry!)

Katharina said...

Congratulations Elliott! What a cute young man! I don't want to think of my sweet little boys getting older..hihi
They shall stay young and innocent forever!! And the best of all, I can cuddle and kiss them as much I as I like at the moment, but this won't stay long :(