Tuesday, 2 October 2007


It's our 7th Anniversary today and Rob is away until November. He left me a card to open and I have just picked up my emails and there was an electronic card too. I listen to the Forces radio BFBS and he had sent in a message for me saying that he loves me very much and how I am his world. It had me in tears. Mind you he will get slated for it when he gets back to work for being so slushy!
He is also my world, my soulmate and I miss him terribly.
So Rob if you get a chance to read this while you are away

I love you so much and I can't wait until you are home again.xxxx


Carol said...

Happy Anniversay to you both xx

Sue McGettigan said...

Happy Anniversary Shary!

Stampingcaz said...

happy anniversary :)

george said...

Happy anniversary mate love from us both