Monday, 7 January 2008

Day One in the Nettleship house

Okay so I need to go on a diet. How stupid am I? Last January I went on a diet and lost over 2 stone, now I've put it all back on again. I'm a yoyo dieter, eat lots in Winter and then panic in January when I realise how big I'll look in Summer. So day one of the diet is today. I'm sticking with the weightwatchers points one. There are no meetings over here in Germany so I'll be doing it on my own , well not so much on my own as DH is doing it too. I'm thinking about doing a journal too but don't know if I will keep it up. I've seen some great ideas on UKS. So wish me luck!!!


Deb said...

Good luck Shary, have you looked at online classes?
I am going on a strict(ish) regime this week, I must have gained a stone over xmas, far too many choccies!

Donna ~*~ Tilda & Co ~*~ said...

hi sharon, Have you looked @ weightwatchers online? they have a nice network of people on there that you can share you day with, if you have slipped up etc they will put you right?
I used to use that a while ago., but i myself have given up on it now, hopefully get back into swings of things with regards to diet in couple weeks, like deb said - Far to many choccies and we still have lots left in house now!

Good luck with everything

leann said...

good luck!! don't think my cadbury addiction will let me go on a diet - the withdrawal would be too horriffic :)

i have a friend who has used an online class & lost a few stone.

Carol said...

Guess what Sharon - another January and Yep I'm with you again!! lolxx back on the diet again today too - am giving WW a good try this time too, off to weigh in tomorrow. The online option sounds good and it sounds like it will give you moral support - you did it last year I'm sure you'll do it again this.
Good Luck girlie xx