Thursday, 9 October 2008

Priscilla's Candy

I met a lovely lady over the net from America. Priscilla hasn't been blogging long, just a month in fact, but she has now reached 1,000 hits. She is so pleased that people come and look at her blog that she is giving away some gorgeous candy

Some great images there! So what she would like you to do is

1. Leave a comment on your blog linking back to her post on the candy.

2. Leave Priscilla a comment on the candy post answering these questions: "What could she do to make you want to come back and visit her blog more often?" "Is there something you'd like to see posted on her blog?" and "How often would you like to see Priscilla post new stuff to her blog?"

The winner will then be chosen on the 15th October.

You can find Priscilla's blog with all the details here