Thursday, 15 January 2009

For Sale - Sugar Nellie stamps

I have some Sugar Nellie stamps for sale. Trying to save up for some other stamps I have my eye on!!! Most of these I have only used once, they are in excellent condition. Most of them have their little adoption certificates too.

I would like £4 for each of them which includes postage (if you are in the UK, if not I will have to work something out). Paypal only, thank you.

Nellies & Lucas

These first 7 have no adoption certificates as they were bought as a sheet.

Luca # 7 Cowboy sold Luca #5 With Guitar sold
Nellie #4 With cake sold

These are the adoption certificates that come with the next lot of stamps.

Luca #12 Pirate sold Luca #13 Knight sold Nellie #9 with scarf sold

Nellie #11 sitting down sold

Maggie & Hamish

Hamish #1 fixing tractor sold
Maggie #2 in heart jumper sold

I've put numbers on each of them but they are not very clear as I've only just took the photos and it's 8pm here, so dark! But if you tell me line and position I'll know. :0)

Thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

Do you stil have some stamp to sell? I would be interrested... I went to your blog to see if you want to swap with me some image and i see you have some to sell lol... I was really new in sugar nelli but find in love with them and i want all of them... hihi said...

I wonder if you still have the first green stamp on second row under fixing tractor for sale ?I think its a dressing up one
carol x