Friday, 6 March 2009

World Book Day

It was World Book Day today at the youngest's school and here are some pics of them both dressed up.
Here's Robbyn in her ladybird outfit. We put lots of red face paint on her and then some black spots. She has red glitter hairspray on too. Hope it comes out easy!!!

Here's Tyrrell as a soldier. Rob cammed him up.

Here they are together. I don't have a clue what Tyrrell is doing or saying!!

Robbyn won for her year so she gets to pick a free book.


Annie said...

love the pics of your Ladybird and Action Man! enjoy your day, hugs, annie x

Deb said...

how sweet! mine went as Hermione and Horrid Henry! Such fun!
Have a great day, Debx

** Isa ** said...

Doesn't she look cute! Well done for winning too... your boy look like Action man! Brilliant. They didn't do anything for the older children at the boys' school which was a shame really because no matter what age they are, they still enjoy dressing up!

Big hugs xxx

MichelleO said...

Don't they look cute! Well ok.. he is a soldier so cute isn't the right word.. but like a hero!

Too fun!

Glitter Monkey said...

What a great picture - thanks for sharing and well done to Robbyn! Lol Lynn ♥

Maria said...

Oh, Shary. . .your kids are adorable in their costumes!! They must have had fun all dressed up in costumes for school. How fun!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Stampingcaz said...

Fantastic pictures Shary, Harvey was a caterpiller but I havent had a chance to post it.

I hear you are coming back to the UK? Where abouts?


Desire Fourie said...

Congrats with Robbyn's win, she really deserves that book after having sprayed her hair like that, as you say, I hope it washed it easily. Rob also looks real handsome and quite ready for a book war! Hugs from Desire